Raising A Standard Family Bible Week

Saturday 28th July - Friday 3rd August (eve)

IVision for the Bible Week

Raising A Standard Family Bible Week is to help facilitate and channel the outworking of the original 1988 prophecy as given at the South of Reading Christian Fellowship.

In the nineties we began a Bible Week at Cloverley Hall in Shropshire and in 1995 the Barnabas Fellowship of Churches was formed out of the prophecy given. Three Mile Cross Church was a founder member.

The essence of the vision was to provide fellowship between similar independent fellowships with a clearly defined doctrinal basis which provided a balance between the Spirit and the Word and was an alternative from the growing deception and error and unbiblical practices which were becoming all too common amongst evangelicals, charismatics and Pentecostals.

Also to provide a safe place for believers who felt they were trapped in erring Churches. The late Derek Prince shared this vision and came to speak for us 3 years running at Wadebridge from 1998. Other well -known Ministers supported and shared the vision.

In 2003 a decision was made to start our own event and so in the summer of 2004 the first event was held at Top Barn.

The aim of this camp is to help, encourage and bless the remnant Church. Only the Lord know how big this stream is and how it will develop.

This camp is where the balance of Spirit and Word will be present. Also an emphasis on end time prophecy, the place of Israel and a desire to promote the whole counsel of God. (Acts 20 v 28) This will include gifts of the Holy Spirit, deliverance and a high emphasis on the preaching of God's Word in all its fullness. A place free from excesses and controversial trends, fads and fancies so prevalent today.

It will be a place where Churches, Fellowships and individuals may attend and from which relational and functional links will develop. A place where we expect that individuals will be released into ministry, function and calling.

DATES FOR Summer 2018

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